Promotional activity

Promotional activity is the process of bringing a product or service to the attention of the ‘market’. In sport and recreation terms this is how you ‘sell’ your activity, club or event to interested people.

Marketing and promotion are useful for a variety of purposes, including to:

  • Attract new members and retain existing members
  • Attract or retain sponsors, volunteers, officials or spectators
  • Generate interest in an upcoming event, competition or social activity.

Advertisement /Arranging PR

It’s quite true about the saying – There’s no second chance at making a good first impression. Advertisement, regardless online or offline, if they don’t catch your attention within seconds they are considered failed. To really stand out of the crowd, the idea has to be really out of the box, something that makes you laugh, talks about it or at least make you look twice.
Magazines are a more focused, albeit more expensive, alternative to newspaper advertising. This medium allows you to reach highly targeted audiences.

Press Conference / Photographer and Video Coverage

A meeting organized for the purposes of distributing information to the media and answering questions from reporters. Normally the press conference is led by the company's executive management or their appointed press liaison. Given the media's limited resources, it may be difficult to attract major media attention to a press conference unless the company has a truly unique or newsworthy announcement to share.
By gaining favorable media exposure, companies are able to gain greater brand recognition and authority in the market, usually at a much lower cost than would be required for a widespread advertising campaign.

Arranging Hostess / Host /MC / Travel

Infinite Expositions as an event management company and has organized and managed business oriented exhibitions and arranging hostess or host and managing shows like Smartcard and Componex, Technical seminars, Conferences and Cultural programmes.
He also had an opportunity to be involved in the Air show (Aero India 2005) and Aero India 2007 where he was in charge of 5 hangers taking care of the participants and other arrangements

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